missing mini map after resuming Windows Phone 8.1

Doggy O'Reno 5 years ago updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 5 years ago 3
Not a big deal but figured if it wasn't already known it note it... Let me know if you can repro

1) Open the map menu from the game
2) Touch the mini map on the right ---this is the zoomed out mini map without the items being shown on the ground)
3) lock the phone with the physical button on the device
4) unlock the phone and resume the game

NOTICE: the mini map is gone, returning to the map screen shows that the mini map is active on the game screen (indicated by a red boarder). Toggling off and then back on resolves the problem.

Thank you for reporting and way to reproduce.
It will be fixed, but not in the nearest release.