Any good build for the cleric?

Doggy O'Reno 9 years ago updated by ООО Байт-АП 9 years ago 4
At first I was going for the first tree, but after beating the minotaur, I reliezed I had 0 crowd control and just got stomped the first few tiers beyond him.

What about the items? I have got 3 priest items and 3 barbarian items, the priest allotted  +1 to light and the barbarian +1 to attack...

There are different ways to progress in game and quite various strategies for character development, therefore there is no any universal solution. However I can give you a few tips.

You need to determine what rage-consuming skills to learn. There are three rage-consuming skills in cleric’s skill tree: Retribution, Vampirism and Sorcerer. It is more beneficial to learn Vampirism and Sorcerer, because both those skills harm enemies and restore hero’s health, while Retribution is effective against undeads only. Even if you choose first cleric’s skill-branch, it’s better to learn Vampirism skill. Raise Dead skill is a good choice as well, because resurrected zombies are rather effective on Cave and Dungeon levels, however as any other undeads they are weak against fire attacks, thus it is wise behavior to avoid fire mages and other similar monsters. Usually, it is better to learn some lower level skills first, even if you have opportunity to learn the latest skills.

Dungeon levels often contain long and narrow corridors in which long-ranged monsters like skeleton-archers or wizards have advantage. Thus, good advice is to hide behind a wall or any other obstacle and lure monsters one by one.

In recent versions of the game (1.1.21+) hero can carry Health and Mana potions, it is a big help in a pinch. If you have an older version of the game, then consider updating it to the latest version. You can play some time in easy mode in order to be accustomed with different skills, choose skill set suitable for you and then play in normal mode. Feel free to share your way to progress in game, it will help other players.

As for equipment, it is advisable for cleric on lower levels to equip heavy armor (greater Defense) and weapon, which increases Attack (NB: not axes, because they decrease Magic!), however it depends on playing style and generated items. Anyway, after Minotaur, on Dungeon levels it is better to have some item, which provides resistance to Cold: it will help to decrease frozen status duration and damage dealt by icy attacks of wizards.

Barbarian set gives +1 Attack (3 items), +2 Attack (4 items), +4 Attack (full set – 5 items). Priest set increases Light in the same manner. However there are other sets, which in addition to stats bonus provide new skills. E.g. Necromancer set (4 or 5 items) restores some health for each killed monster; Paladin set increases Health and Mana, restored by potions. We plan to add more information about set bonuses later on this site.
ok great. I have don't the vampirism and it was SUPER helpful.... Right now I am on level 14 on  normal and something weird happened. I don't accumulate rage anymore. I thought it was because I was carrying a cursed shield from the BBIG DARK KNIGHT but I have since quaffed a purification potion and still don't get rage.

I have the Gaiant Club 9is it supposed to be Giant? same with the Brocken iron armor is it supposed to be broken?) I have the update with the potions in the pouch too.

Playing on windows phone.
Dark Shield is one of unique items. Although it have relatively good stats, but it have that negative effect on rage.
Thus you can't accumulate rage.

You're correct about typos (Gaiant -> Giant, Brocken -> Broken). Thanks for reporting it.
Should be fixed in next release.