Why dont I accumulate Rage?

Doggy O'Reno 9 years ago updated by ООО Байт-АП 9 years ago 3
I stopped getting rage at level 14, I have tried to open and close the game but still no accumulation. I have two gold items and nothing cursed. I have the paladin set 3 items +1 defense.
The reason is Dark Shield, you've mentioned in other thread. It have negative effect on rage, thus you can't accumulate rage. The simplest way to restore rage accumulation is to unequip that cursed shield.  On the other hand, you can learn Fury skill, it should help. In normal conditions it doubles rage accumulation, in this case it will return normal rage accumulation. Unfortunately, it is not available for clerics.
awesome 🙆. Thanks so much. I never though to start un equipping stuff I died once and was like OH NO ITS STILL HAPPENING. Level 17 now and finally on the citadel but am tracking the golden guardian