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Raythe 9 years ago updated by ООО Байт-АП 9 years ago 4

Hi. I'm enjoying Warlock's Citadel on Windows Phone. I'm just beginning with it and it is great so far. Has a lot of potential. I have some suggestions for your consideration:

1. Moving/shooting diagonally. - Game play would feel more sophisticated.

2. Rest in place for a turn without moving. - This would allow an enemies to move while you hold your position. There are ways to do this (like tapping an empty potion slot) but it's kludgey.

3. Choice of move OR shoot towards an enemy. - Sometimes you want to move in a direction to escape danger or pick up a health orb, but if there's an enemy in that direction then you end up shooting instead of moving. This can get you killed.

4. Prompt before going down a level. - If you inadvertently move into a stairwell before you're ready to leave a level, you're forced to go down and that's it.

5. Make item colors consistent. - For example, red is used for health potions, but the health bar and orbs are green, while doors in the map are also red. Blue is used for mana, but blue is also used for exit locations on the map. It would help if item colors were more consistent and differentiating.

6. I like how the character shows with he's wearing/wielding. - Not a suggestion, just a compliment. It's a nice touch.

I love this type of game. Thanks for your excellent work so far. Keep developing it and I think it'll be a huge success!!

Under review
Thank you for support and suggestions.
Right now there are certain changes in game, we’re moving finally to a new game engine, which will share the same code between PC, WindowsPhone, OS X, etc.
After we finish this process we will look to your suggestions thoroughly and estimate what can be done.
That’s what we expect to be available as soon as we finish game engine upgrade:
  • Animations for attacks by all weapons and spell casting.
  • More enemies on dungeon levels. Some of those enemies gained new abilities, we’ve tuned their stats as well. Enforced monsters are more stronger now, there are new types of enforced monsters. Significant changes in drop of spheres of Health and Mana. The hero has bigger maximum HP at start.
  • Classes can be unlocked by achievements. E.g. Barbarian class is unlocked if 1000 enemies are defeated by axe.
  • New rooms, new items, changes in items generation. New magic properties of items, now they may depend on dungeon level.
  • Many other small fixes.
And here are plans for future updates:
  • More unique skills for unlockable classes.
  • Some mechanism to transform unused items into resource, which can be exchanged for potions, spheres of knowledges, etc.
  • Spell Scrolls which can be used once.
  • Option to change game movement speed (it is already possible in Steam release of the game, but we plan to provide this feature on mobile platforms as well)
  • More detailed descriptions of items, their effects.

Thank you for the information about the game's development. Very interesting and exciting. I look forward to future releases. For now, please disregard what I wrote. I have a better understanding of the game now that I've been playing it for a while. I will re-assess and re-submit my suggestions. Feel free to delete this entire thread if you like. Thanks for your consideration.

Well, there is no need to delete this thread. You may update it later or may be someone else will share thoughts on the game aspects mentioned in your post.

Anyway, suggestion about ladder is good, we'll probably add some kind of confirmation dialog or a button in next versions of the game.

Thank you. Sounds like alot is going to change, and maybe some of these things won't be relevant anylonger, so I'll just look forward to that.

Please disregard #3. I see now that I can move towards an enemy, rather than shooting at him, if I tap the space immediately next to me in that direction.