Increase minimap size.

Artem 9 years ago updated by ООО Байт-АП 8 years ago 4
I think it would be perfect to increase minimap (character portrait menu->map) size. For both minimaps (right and left). It will rock for sure!!!
I like the hud mini map screen size. Rather than increasing the map in the menu, maybe allow scrolling
We are porting game's codebase to new framework right now. Should help with some performance issues.
Thus it is difficult to change anything in nearest future, we'll see how minimap can be improved later.

the ability to see a whole map would be great through a menu.


We're working on it.

Here is WIP screenshot of minimap:

and screenshot of map available from game menu:

this one is for devices with larger screens, e.g. tablets, but for smaller screens it will be similar.