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i found a princess and defeated golden gurdian afterwards but got bad ending as if i haven't founf her. It was normal difficultyand i died once after meeting her. Is death the reason for bad ending?

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Originally it was required to finish level after princess was found, otherwise this event was not accounted in the end dialogs and endings. However, it was changed later to allow death on level.

Just to be sure: princess didn't not appear in dialog after defeating Golden Guardian?

no, only in the where i found her and never again


Ok, seems like a bug. Will be retested in next version.

Finished game in hardcore mode. Found princess, still telling me i haven't found her -_-

It really is a bug it seems.

PS. Barbarian is too op if played good. To kill golden guirdian i haven't used any potions at all. Too broken in comparison to other classes.

This weekend we're planning to upload beta version of nearest release to dev console. It shouldn't have this princess bug and balance is significantly changed, therefore it may be a bit more difficult to play.

If you want, we can add your Google Play account to beta-testers, so you will be able to play and finally find the princess and keep that fact known to game.

Great news. I already signed up for beta testing several days ago)

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