Where are the pieces to the dragon set?

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Ok I got through the game but can only find two pieces of the Dragon set the Armor and the Amulet

The Amulet:
is ALWAYS located in a crystal room in the tunnels. There is a hidden club that is behind one of the blue crystals. grab it an equipt it to smash the larger red crystal structure in the room. under that there is the amulet.

The Armor:
I have found this item only once and it was in a hidden room in the Hydras den. I just pushed against every wall after killing the Hydra and found it hiding there. Can any one else confirm the location?

Where are the other items?
Well, Armor is on Hydras' level indeed, although it is a bit tricky to take it.
In fact, doors in the game can be not only secret, but locked as well. To unlock door you need to find hidden floor button.
Hope, this helps.

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