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Not a bug


Primarx 6 years ago updated by ООО Байт-АП 6 years ago 3

    I am playing on my smartphone. Barbarian hardcore mode. When loaded my save to continue i found out that all potions became ???? again , even those that i drank in this very lvl. I continue on the the same day. No updates of PO or game were installed.

    Under review

    Hidden rooms

    Primarx 6 years ago updated by ООО Байт-АП 6 years ago 1

    apart from randomly bumping into walls is there a better way to find them especially in later lvls as maps becomes larger and more complicated so checking all walls takes too much time. Also read on forum that some doors need to be open (yes/no?).Can you post some tips about it as you did in question about golden guirdian?

    My ideas about it:

    1) you can see the quantity of hidden rooms if open a map

    2) (preferable) you can find a map with them dropping from the strongest monster on the floor or the biggest mob.

    Under review


    Raythe 7 years ago updated by ООО Байт-АП 7 years ago 4

    Hi. I'm enjoying Warlock's Citadel on Windows Phone. I'm just beginning with it and it is great so far. Has a lot of potential. I have some suggestions for your consideration:

    1. Moving/shooting diagonally. - Game play would feel more sophisticated.

    2. Rest in place for a turn without moving. - This would allow an enemies to move while you hold your position. There are ways to do this (like tapping an empty potion slot) but it's kludgey.

    3. Choice of move OR shoot towards an enemy. - Sometimes you want to move in a direction to escape danger or pick up a health orb, but if there's an enemy in that direction then you end up shooting instead of moving. This can get you killed.

    4. Prompt before going down a level. - If you inadvertently move into a stairwell before you're ready to leave a level, you're forced to go down and that's it.

    5. Make item colors consistent. - For example, red is used for health potions, but the health bar and orbs are green, while doors in the map are also red. Blue is used for mana, but blue is also used for exit locations on the map. It would help if item colors were more consistent and differentiating.

    6. I like how the character shows with he's wearing/wielding. - Not a suggestion, just a compliment. It's a nice touch.

    I love this type of game. Thanks for your excellent work so far. Keep developing it and I think it'll be a huge success!!


    Trap exploit

    Doggy O'Reno 8 years ago updated by ООО Байт-АП 7 years ago 2
    This is not really a hack as much as an exploit.

    One can expose a trap if one is observant.
    1)Kill an enemy that drops an item but will not leave a corpse (I.e. Little spiders in the tunnels. This is to ensure that there would have been a blank tile after the enemy is defeated)
    2)Insure the enemy is on a Trapped tile when killed
    3)Once the enemy is killed, notice how the item drop does not land on the tile that enemy was standing on. This indicates a trap or hidden treasure on the tile.

    Help! Cannot enter level 20 Windows Phone 8.1

    Doggy O'Reno 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 15
    I cannot enter level 20 I keep getting an error message asking me to restart the program, however it still persists even after restarting the program...

    I have inserted a screen shot but the message reads. "Something went wrong :( Tap the 'Back" button to exit to the main menu and restart the game

    missing mini map after resuming Windows Phone 8.1

    Doggy O'Reno 8 years ago updated by ООО Байт-АП 8 years ago 3
    Not a big deal but figured if it wasn't already known it note it... Let me know if you can repro

    1) Open the map menu from the game
    2) Touch the mini map on the right ---this is the zoomed out mini map without the items being shown on the ground)
    3) lock the phone with the physical button on the device
    4) unlock the phone and resume the game

    NOTICE: the mini map is gone, returning to the map screen shows that the mini map is active on the game screen (indicated by a red boarder). Toggling off and then back on resolves the problem.



    Primarx 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 6

    i found a princess and defeated golden gurdian afterwards but got bad ending as if i haven't founf her. It was normal difficultyand i died once after meeting her. Is death the reason for bad ending?